The 12 Zodiac Signs

"Zodaikos" is Greek for "circle of animals".  Zodiac Signs signify how life is guided, through personality, manner, and energy.

Each sign has their element, quality, and polarity, which are all very helpful in understanding the signs' significations and similarities.

The Zodiac Signs represent 30° of sky on the ecliptic (the path the Sun travels from Earth's perspective). Each sign relates to the change of lightness and darkness throughout a solar year and how this energy changes and manifests throughout seasons.



Initiating Self-Warrior


Raw & unfiltered energy, courage, groundbreaking, enthusiasm, self-directing, recklessness, bottled up emotions, survival, a new beginning, healthy aggression, primal fire, the right use of force.


Affectionate Gardener


Puts spirit to form, loyalty, possessive, sensory experience, patience, slowness, creative process, lassitude, personal values, gratitude, stubborn, demanding, denial, the wisdom of simplicity, accept that which arises.


Versatile Interpreter


Communication, listening, curiosity, attached to intellect, many modes of expression, cerebral, cognition, early childhood socialization, reflective, mind games, gathers information from environment, you are your own twin you've been searching for.


Heart-full Protector


Direct feelings, self-indulgence, gentleness, compulsion to rescue or conrol others and neglect themselves, seeks intimacy, cosmic collector, nurturing, sympathetic, nostalgic, the inner life, honor fluctuating moods without judgment.


Devoted Performer


Forthright, spontaneous, brave, creative self-expression, theater, insecurity, domination, to be seen, pride, exorbitant, devoted to the self, feels deep responsibility, admiration, demonstrative, work through superficiality and compulsive need for approval.


Discerning Herbalist


Reserved, industrious, analytical, purposeful, purity of motive, cautious, indecisive, utilization of skills to nourish, fussiness, insecurity, service to others, loss of perspective, quick to judge, remember to zoom out for perspective.


Charming Collaborator


Tact, negotiation, peaceable, graceful, diplomatic, surrounds self with beauty, fickle, commitment, the productive expression of personal needs, learn to decide on gut level, teamwork, codependency, compromise.


Attentive Detective


Transformation, penetrating, complexity, determined, feel/think before you strike, can mentally fixate on the psychology of themselves and others, honesty, shadow-work, emotional investigation, mistrust, resentment, surrendering to the flow, focus on the good.


Questing Traveler


Optimism, smoke, "but why?", affective, provocative, tends to shrink from personal involvement, plays with all the cards on the table, freedom-loving, faith, belief, rigid opinions, self-righteousness, the vision and search for meaning and truth.


Enduring Climber


Self-discipline, integrity, objectivity, may "age" in reverse, persistence, self-reliant, self-limitation, pursue fulfillment, traditional wisdom, where we gain respect and honor, guarded, repressed depression, obsession with the past, authority, honest manifestation.


Dream Hatcher


Water bearer, revolution, interconnection, encourages positive visions, growth oriented, eccentric, seeks escape from social constraint, dissociation, alienation, over-identification with ideas/opinions, can invite and resist change.


Mystic Ocean


Porous to subtle vibrations, hidden depths, unseen realms, conflicting desires, meditation, needs to learn boundaries, ungroundedness, escapism, victim mentality, romantic, introspective, sacrifice, sacredness, energy sometimes leaks in or out.


The 4 Elements


Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


Intuition, consciousness, primal energy, energetic, active, enthusiastic, passionate, needs to express oneself, impulsive, thoughtless, insensitive, takes initiative, innate awareness of their individuality, unique personality, concerned with the purpose of their lives, susceptible to burnout, is their fire conscious or unexamined?


Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn


Senses, stories, body and form, reliable, sensual, practical, organized, stable, places importance on security, patient, industrious, lacking in vision, petty, narrow-minded, strong-willed, can become lethargic and stagnant, able to apply oneself towards long-rage goals.


Gemini, Libra, Aquarius


Mental, thinking, communicative, likes to deal on the mental plane, quick to grasp ideas, can speak or write effectively, impractical, learns to use the mind in a constructive way, detached, hyperactive, unemotional, can live too often in ideas and opinions, alienating others and themselves.


Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


Fluid, feeling, heart, peaceful, psychic, vindictive, vengeful, withdrawn, timid, moody, easily manipulated, uncommunicative, lacking in confidence, sensitive to surroundings and subtle vibrations, receives and tunes into realms unseen, creative, imaginative, empathetic, hidden depths.


The 3 Qualities


Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn

Gets things started, assertive, controlling, initiating, motivated by crisis, open to change, action oriented, tries to change the environment, projects themselves onto their surroundings, tackles obstacles directly, self-motivated, might struggle with following through.


Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius

Sticks to the plan, builds, reservoir of stability, passive, self-contained, loyal, steadfast, concentrating, single-minded in pursuits, molds the environment to their will, manifesting, fixed to their "kingdoms" around them, resistant to change, may go in denial, needs time to prepare for change.


Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces

Works out the details, lets go, changeable and flexible, disrupts and loosens structures, adaptable, connecting, mentally explorative, emphasizes intellectual activity, adaptable to their environment, energy can disperse and dissipate easily, scattered, restless, prone to anxiety, worry, fear, and mental tension.


The 2 Polarities


Fire and Air signs

Yang, "positive", more active and assertive than receptive.


Earth and Water signs

Yin, "negative", more receptive and reactive than assertive.