My shop is restocked for the last time in 2020! Triple extract MycoAstrological tinctures make wonderful gifts for yourself and for others. If you're looking for some fungal reciprocity this winter, please consider them!


Did you know that mushroom medicine really kicks in after taking daily doses for 2-4 weeks?

If you see something you like, they will not last forever! The nature of my tinctures change with the quality of the seasons... 

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Send me your empty bottles!
4 oz. Moon Mushrooms bottle deposit.
For each empty 4 oz. bottle and dropper you return to me, you will get a $13 discount on one 4 oz. tincture.
Please pack your bottles well. If they break in transit, I cannot complete your bottle deposit.
I will sanitize, refill, and relabel all bottles.
Due to the nature of my tinctures, I cannot promise you the same tincture. If there is no stock, I can suggest an alternate brew of a similar tincture.
Bottle deposits are only at the 4 oz. size.
Fill out this form to tell me you'd like to send me your empty bottles!
Do you live in Utah? Drop off your bottles (1 or 4 oz.) w/o having to ship!
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