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All readings are virtual (Zoom) or through phone call.

Email Gabriela at

with any questions.

I accept sliding scale & barter.

Gabriela is the balanced center in “as above so below" with her multidimensional understanding of astrology and deep connection to fungi. Her readings bring rooted clarity and tangible experiences that support personal growth and transformations. It is a treat to have the best of both worlds come together through Gabriela’s hawk vision of your life.


I had my first astrology reading with Gabriela! She was extremely professional throughout her communications with me, along with being connective and equally excited about my chart. She taught me a lot that day and now I can easily look at my chart with a solid, basic understanding. It was fun!

During a session, we will journey with what intuitively draws our attention and inquiry. You can bring 1-3 themes of inquiry to your readings, if you so choose. We will listen into your intrinsic potentials, concentrated energies, patterns, gifts, opportunities, and challenges. 


In my readings, I consider your natal chart, how it has progressed over time, as well as how these are juxtaposed with the current aspects and transits of the sky. My style of reading is conversational, thorough, and intuitive.

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