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Reishi Wand

  • These Reishi antlers are cultivated for the intention of using them as wands, talismans, or sceptors. Many people appreciate the quality of a dried mushroom fruit body to use in ceremony, hung above a doorway, or for daily energy brushing.

    Reishi in the antler form are rarely found in the wild and have been traditionally gifted in Asian countries as an expression of affection or sexual interest. 

    Each wand is a unique form. All wands range between 2-3 oz in weight and are 3-5 inches in length.

  • It will take 1-3 business days for your order to process.

    INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING POLICY: I am happy to ship outside the U.S., but I do not offer refunds or replacements for these orders. If your package is lost and does not arrive I will not issue a refund or send a replacement. If your package is refused by customs and returns to me with intact contents, I will issue a refund for the contents but not the shipping. I am not responsible for any customs charges, duty fees, or taxes your country may charge you. 

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