Making Airport Style Lids

Airport style lids are foundational for any mushroom cultivation practice. They were developed by Hippie3 on the website Mycotopia and can be used for a variety of applications like liquid culture, grain spawn, or fruiting substrate work. For fruiting substrate jars, this "airport" lid is a little modified and you do not need to make the silicone injection port.

To make airport style lids you drill 2 holes in the lid of any sized canning jar you'd like to experiment with. One hole will be filled with polyfil and used as an air filter. The other hole will be filled with a dab of high temperature RVC silicone, used as an injection site so that you can cleanly inject or extract what's in the jar by using a syringe needle. This silicone port site is self-healing and this whole jar and lid setup is pressure cooker safe.

I definitely make at least a handful of jars at one time as a part of streamlining the cultivation process. Watch the accompaniment video here!

Wide neck 36 oz. mason jar with airport style lid.

Underside of "airport style" mason jar lid. What you need:

  • Polyfil (the stuff that's inside of teddy bears).

  • High temperature RVC silicone.

  • Any size WIDE mouth mason jars with lids (any size -- but I use 34 oz. and 24 oz. for grain spawn and fruiting substrate).

  • Drill with drill bits -- 1/4" and 3/16".