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Intuitive Mushroom Reading

30 min. ($40)
60 min. ($60)
By phone (voice call) or virtually (video) through

For all readings, you'll receive a copy of your beautiful Natal Chart and an audio recording of our journey together.

Have you become more curious about the medicinal and consciousness-expanding fungi? Receive a reading that rides the waves between Astrology and Mycology. 
This reading suggests your signature mushroom species that corresponds with your Natal Chart and current Astrological energies. Each mushroom has a variety of functions, relationships, medicinal properties, appearances, and characters. What fruiting body speaks to your fruiting body?

Readings can dive into mushroom essences, tinctures, meditations, and other medicinal constituents of fungi that are dialoguing with your incarnation.


My style of reading is intuitive and conversational. Receiving and giving on both sides of this discussion will be the most enriching for us both.

*My readings are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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