Our four-week online course focuses on the foundations of mycology for the beginner. As September brings rain to many of us in the Northern Hemisphere, this class coincides with nature's oncoming mushroom season.


This course consists of four classes and is punctuated by two Discussions/MycoLunar observances allowing us 6 meeting times altogether. During Interbeing, we are also invited to observe the moon’s fluctuations as we connect to cycles larger than just ourselves -- something the fungi teach us so deeply about. This course functions as a trustworthy wellspring of mycology knowledge as well as a web of support and mycommunity.

Each week we will meet on Zoom for a 2.5 hour class. You will receive weekly prompts and handouts via email. No homework is required, but you will receive weekly invitations or “home studies” to deepen your own experiential learning, personal inquiry, and group connection. Classes will be recorded and sent out to the group. Recordings will not be accessible once the course has ended. Of course attendance on all classes and discussions is not required, but definitely recommended. For the duration of the course all students have access to an online mycommunity forum for discussion.


This course is based in the understanding that we are not separate from interconnected, regenerative, and embodied nature. Ancestral fungi, archetypal inhabitants of realms above and below, are teachers of our collective ecosystems and healers of our fruiting bodies. We learn together through curiosity, gratitude, integration, and community.


*Moon Mushrooms prohibits discrimination on any basis including experience, race, age, sex, gender, religion, visible and invisible disabilities, relationship status, and veteran status in all programs and practices. Fungi wisdom and love are for all.

The classes & meeting dates are as follows:

Course Breakdown:

    Please note all listed course times are in Mountain Standard Time (MST). 

Life skills you will learn:

  • How to identify the most common mushroom species that grow across most continents (oysters, morels, chanterelles, red belted conk, amanita muscaria and lookalikes, turkey tail, field agaricus, jelly, chicken of the woods, puffballs, etc.)

  • A deepened understanding and appreciation of our fungi-reliant world.

  • Mushroom scientific and common names, classifications, and terminology so that you can confidently describe fungi and converse with other mycophiles.

  • Regenerative mushroom foraging ethics and techniques.

  • How to collect, identify, and document your mushroom observations.

  • How to use a mushroom field guide and other classification materials.

  • How to identify the most common toxic mushroom species.

  • An understanding of how to support the fungi that are endemic and beneficial to body, garden, and compost.

  • How to make a spore print.

  • The central historical impacts of fungi-human connections.

  • The importance of applied mycology, community science, open source information, and DIY experimentation.

  • An understanding of the primary roles that fungi perform in the environment.

  • How to select medicinal mushrooms (such as reishi, cordyceps, chaga, lion’s mane, and matsutake).

  • How to prepare mushroom teas/broths, tinctures, powders, supplements, and essences.

  • The compounds found in medicinal mushrooms and their effects on our human biology.

  • The most simplified steps to growing your own mushrooms at home.

  • The benefits of psilocybin on individuals and communities.

  • How the mushroom life cycle reflects the lunar cycle.

  • How science and spirituality can connect through the fungi.

  • What makes fungi unique organisms.

What you will receive:

  • Classes (4) and mycolunar discussions (2; New & Full Moon). All classes will be recorded (not the discussions) and accessible to students until the completion of the course (9/30).

  • Access to our mycommunity forum (underneath students tab) where you can discuss your fungal curiosities with your classmates.

  • Optional weekly "home studies" to deepen your personal fungal understanding on your own time and land.

  • Reference materials and infographics to keep.

Who is this course for?​

  • Mycophiles.

  • Mycophobes.

  • Those who are curious about the fungal world.

  • Nature walkers that want to get closer to the mushrooms around them.

  • Medicine makers and caregivers looking to nourish their community with natural medicine.

  • Mushroom foragers or mushroom cultivators who want to deepen their knowledge of and appreciation for fungi.

  • Educators of any kind who are looking for a decentralized, earth-based framework as well as how to communicate mycologically.

  • Outdoor educators, parks rangers, and nature camp directors looking to teach others and lead with a mycelial lens.

  • Gardeners and farmers looking to broaden their soil horizons, plant relationships, and resilient lifestyles.

  • Artists, visionaries, and storytellers looking to be inspired by the regenerative and decentralized fungi.

  • Interdisciplinary weavers who want to uplift and connect earth-centered communities, stories, movements, ideas, and places.

  • Community organizers, activists, and disruptors looking to shake the status quo and myceliate the state.

  • Young adults and homeschoolers interested in supplementing their learning with often overlooked mycology fundamentals.

  • Those who are interested in regularly foraging their own medicinal and edible mushrooms.

  • Healers and guides who tend to the generational traumas and advise others in discernment and earth-wisdom.

  • Community builders, sustainable earth-shippers, and permaculturists looking to learn about the multiplicitous interconnections and applications of a fungal perspective.

  • Naturalists and community scientists who want to tap into their myceliated roots and experiment with applied mycology.

  • Those interested in beginning their DIY mushroom cultivation and want to broaden their fungal understanding.

  • Parents looking to deepen their family’s fungal awareness, provide mushroom medicines to nourish their family, and to practice ecological parenting. 

  • Humans who are passionate about the earth, mushrooms, rewilding, ecology, holistic medicine, land stewardship, community science, nature education, traditional ecological knowledge, culture, science, art, and asking questions about the world around them.

How to register:

Please register by Saturday, September 1st. Please register if you feel this is calling to you -- there are limited spots. 

This is an online and interactive course that values our interconnected and embodied experience together. The video lectures will be presented through zoom.us, so please make sure you are ready with a free zoom account before our course begins and that you also have reliable internet connection (through computer or smartphone). Within 48 hours all online classes will be recorded and made available to you through email. The two discussions/mycolunar observances will not be recorded. Underneath the “Students” tab is where you can share your fungus finds with fellow classmates in the “Mycommunity Forum". Classes and mycommunity discussion/mycolunar observances attendance is not mandatory, though highly recommended.

Once you submit registration, you will receive a welcome email (from WeRecomposing@gmail.com) within 48 hr with important information like the Zoom and Mycommunity forum passwords. After our Closing Circle, on the September 30th Full Moon, you will no longer have access to the Mycommunity Forum as our classmates will transition into other modes of integration and connection.

We love supporting everyone in their fungal knowledge and passion so if you would like to pay in two-week installments, just send me, Gabriela, an email at WeRecomposing@gmail.com.


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Gabriela has been living and studying fungi for over 7 years. She values mycology education that is holistic, charismatic, and friendly. For far too long we have overlooked fungi in textbooks, classrooms, and backyards. Gabriela believes this class is for everyone. Learn more about her.

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