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Moon Mushrooms is back.

To be conscious is to be an experience… to be with and within each other instead of being beside them. Fungi are our planet’s honorable ancestors who share the wisdom and medicine of connectivity and change. Fungi are the dancers of change within our surrounding terrain, they are the ones directly negotiating with digestion, rot, death, and transformation. The existence of fungi is much more one of movement and flow than stasis and conclusion.

Though these concepts of connection and change might seem rudimentary, how we receive connection and change is paramount to our embodied experience on this planet. It’s becoming more well known in popular culture that we experience fungi much more than just with our thinking “brains”. What is the embodied language of the fungi? What would happen if we connect to this place of fungal consciousness with greater depth, attention, and trust? How do we better steward our connections, both seen and unseen? How do we let ourselves digest? Rot?

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