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Holistic Mycology

Funga as ecology, wisdom, medicine, perspective, language, archetype, & ancestor.
The vision of Moon Mushrooms is to cultivate an embodied myco-literacy and to provide communities with intentional hand-crafted mushroom tinctures.

Holistic Mycology sees fungi as animated beings. Holistic Mycology understands that we experience fungi much more than just through our thinking brains.



A 4-week online beginner's holistic mycology course. April 04 - April 25, 2021

Fungi, animated inhabitants of above and below, have long been by our side, reflecting our capacity for regeneration, inquiry, embodiment, and soul-fullness. Gabriela knows fungi as ancestors and teachers of our own fruiting bodies as well as of our community ecosystems. As recomposers (life-givers) and decomposers (dead-eaters), fungi invite you to embody your own fruiting body and to heal our co-creation with the planet(s).
What you sense in the mushroom may also be in you. The fungi are a framework for showing us how to better steward our connections, both seen and unseen. 
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