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Follow Up Reading

60 min. ($45)
90 min. ($60)
By phone (voice call) or virtually (video) through
Add Complete Natal Chart 
Story ("Analysis") PDF 
for $30

For all astrology readings, you'll receive a copy of your beautiful Natal Chart and an audio recording of our journey together.

Have you already had one (60 or 90 min.) Astrology reading with me? You can receive discounted prices on follow up readings.

As you probably know, astrology is laminated with layers of story and symbology, and I love cultivating deeper relationships with you.

I value the language of astrology and I love sharing this world of earth-based medicine with other fruiting bodies. This process also gives you time and space for enriched digestion (yay micoflora!), response, and integration. You can bring 1-3 themes of inquiry if you'd like, otherwise we will be guided into what is calling our attention.

Through this reading, my intention is to create momentum that brings you expansive spaciousness, nourishment, cosmic understanding, peace, and groundedness.


This reading will bring greater awareness to how you can nurture, create, and act in ways that align to the wisdom and compassion of your sacred incarnation. 


My style of reading is intuitive and conversational. Receiving and giving on both sides of this discussion will be the most enriching.


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