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I accept barter/trade of many forms including bodywork, energy work, sustainably wildcrafted mushroom, herb, and plant medicine, organic and sustainably produced foods, artwork, clothing, jewelry, and MYCO paraphernalia! Contact me if you'd like to barter! 


I reserve the right to respectfully decline barter requests. Please do not be offended if I decline your offer, it doesn't mean I don't appreciate your craft, or you, but that it may just not align with my needs, desires, or tastes. 

Sliding Scale / Pay What You Can

If you're unable to pay full price for my offerings, just reach out and ask about sliding scale!

Sliding scale is not meant to undervalue my work nor to be a "deal" for services. Sliding scale is used for those who have limited financial capacity. I want Astrological and Mycological wisdom to be as accessible as possible, to as many people as possible, while still affording me some energetic exchange.

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