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Private Astrology Lesson

60 min. ($35), 90 min. ($45)
By phone (voice call) or virtually (video) through

For all astrology readings, including this lesson, you'll receive a copy of your beautiful Natal Chart and an audio recording of our journey together.

Do you want to learn "how to astrology"?

This session guides you in learning Tropical Astrology in a thorough and very personalized 1-on-1 experience. You will receive conversational instruction about how to decipher the meaning of the characters, plot, and scenery of a birth chart. 
My intention is to guide you into a much more confident and practical Astrology practice. Depending on your interest and experience, we can explore zodiac signs, houses, planets, aspects, transits, progressions, tools for living aligned with Astrology, and other Astrology and Natal Chart fundamentals. 


My style of reading is intuitive and conversational. Receiving and giving on both sides of this discussion will be the most enriching for us both.

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