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WeRecomposing is the name of Gabriela's MycoAstrology practice, which is a cosmic ecology that emphasizes the symbolism, wonder, and mystery of fungi.


As a consulting astrologer, Gabriela offers Astrology Readings, teaches workshops, and writes MycoAstrology  for every New and Full Moon. Join the Emailcilium newsletter to receive updates on the week's astrology and any other whereabouts.

Astrology is inherently of the earth, and sometimes, as thinking humans, we forget we are embodied and interconnected beings. Gabriela practices regenerative astrology in that she does not see ourselves as separate from so-called "nature". In fact, we are closely enmeshed and intertwined within our textured terrains -- constantly evolving in each moment.

Gabriela invites astrology to be approachable, enjoyable, useful, healing, and intuitive. Astrology is a tool of self-inquiry. As complex as astrology might seem at times, Gabriela brings grounding, clarity, and spaciousness to her practice.


Astrology is a medicine. Not an end-all, be-all. Astrology is a unique, ancient, and laminated language providing us insight into our sacred incarnation. It is easy to fall into the "nothing is ever enough" mentality -- with astrology, spiritual and religious beliefs, politics, or anything else for that matter. To Gabriela, astrology is not "the answer", but is actually, rather inversely, a language of mystery and imagination that can strengthen one's self-understanding.

Astrology can bring greater awareness to understanding the forces that exist within your life, allowing you to move and respond with greater consciousness, understanding, balance, and compassion. With awareness, comes change.​

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Astrology 101

Astrology, called the language of the soul, is a creative, symbolic, intuitive, associative, and oftentimes spiritual and medicinal interpretation of astronomical data.


While cultures and mythologies each have their unique distinctions, all of our ancestors practiced methodical observations of the night sky (early astronomy). Variants of astrological systems can be found across the world and are traced back to the earliest recorded civilizations, such as the Babylonians, Greeks, Egyptians, Indians, Chinese, Maya, Iranians, and Nubians.

These observations were, and still are, applied in relationship to experience on earth for human inquiry. Ancient astrologers were highly valued as advisors to royalty, military, and clergy for their ability to predict events, assess character, and give accurate medical diagnoses. Hippocrates, Aristotle, and Claudius Ptolemy were all astrologers who also laid foundations of modern Western Medicine.

Tropical Astrology observes seasonal and environmental cycles. I practice Tropical Astrology, which originates from Greek and Hellenistic systems, also places of my ancestral lineages. Tropical Astrology is an Earth-based medicine that honors the dance of polarities and changing seasons as Earth spins around our light source, Sun. Tropical Astrology is centered around seasonal light, not constellations. As Earth rotates around Sun, different forces will pull on Earth throughout their lunar orbit. Water, dreams, flowers, mushrooms, bees, bears, moods, moons, weather, and energy -- we all pulse and flow in an ever-changing transformation between polarities throughout the day, the night, and the year.

Some things astrologers track are the correspondences of solar and lunar phases to growth and decay patterns and environmental and human activity. Biodynamic Agriculture is a contemporary regenerative and ethical form of farming that nurtures and harmonizes environmental elements like compost, animals, forests, and astronomical information, which helps anchor the farm as an interdependent and dynamic community. 


Astrologers also observe the repeating apparent cycles of planets and constellations as they relate to tendencies, behaviors, and moods. One of the most common applications of astrology is the natal chart, or birth chart.

Begin Your Practice

To begin proactively exploring Astrology, look into your Rising Sign, Sun Sign, and Moon Sign -- three very personal planetary placements. When consulting Horoscopes (from Greek Horoskopos, meaning time, observer, or "marker of the hour"), look at the Zodiac Sign of your Rising Sign, as this is the indicator that really sets the stage for the rest of your chart. You can then look toward the Zodiac signs of your Sun and Moon for their respective symbolic meanings, and then you are on to the whole wheel of the 12 Zodiac Archetypes! Understanding Houses is usually the next step.


The Zodiac Belt is an area of sky that rises 8° above and below the ecliptic. This strip of sky contains the Tropical Zodiac constellations, each 30° of celestial longitude. From Earth's perspective, this belt is the pathway that Sun travels throughout the year. This corridor also contains, from Earth's perspective, the yearlong journey of Moon and most planetary bodies. The word Zodiac can be traced to the Greek word kyklos, meaning "circle of little animals". 

If you're looking for a trusty online Natal Chart generator, I recommend this one or this one.

Natal Charts

A natal chart is a graphic map or interpretation of the position of planetary bodies during the exact moment and place of one's birth. In essence, a natal chart captures somebody's first impression of light and vibration, which sets a tone for their perception and personality. A natal chart can articulate which universal principles of human experience, or archetypes, are important for each person, how they interact with each other, and when they are most likely to be activated. 

Rising Sign

Points to the degree of Zodiac sky that was on the horizon, directly due East, during the moment of your birth. Rising Sign, also known as Ascendant, symbolizes how you dawn on others, the glasses you wear in this life, and how you respond to your environment. I like to saying the Rising Sign is the navigator to your ship of life. 

Sun Sign

The degree of sky in the Zodiac where Sun was according to your moment and place of birth. Sun symbolizes your center of being, radiant core, how you shine, your basic nature, and your will to exist. This is the sign that in widespread culture has become the most popular and simplified reflection of Astrology. In reality, the full caliber of Astrology is a constantly shifting map that reflects your journeying with many planetary bodies.

Moon Sign

The degree of sky in the Zodiac where Moon was placed according to your moment and place of birth. Moon symbolizes your changing emotions, habitual response, and the senses by which you perceive the world.

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