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Moon Mushrooms Tinctures

One of the core focuses of Moon Mushrooms is creating triple extract, tiny batch tinctures. 


Moon Mushrooms triple extract tinctures are created in tiny, handcrafted batches, and carry mushroom medicine as well as vibrational essences infused by seasonal or planetary influences. Moon Mushrooms tinctures are created to invite you to be here, present in your body, and to become aware of the dimension of being that is deeper than surface reality.

Most of the tinctures are made from homegrown mushrooms while some might be wild and regeneratively foraged. The alcohol is sourced from local distilleries and is often organic, non-gmo, and/or craft made.


We do not make non-alcoholic tinctures (e.g. vegetable glycerin) as they do not ensure adequate compound extraction. Alcohol is also important for our craft in order to suspend the moment of the essence.

Each tincture is triple extracted, which includes cold water, alcohol, and hot water extracts. This full spectrum extract encompasses the variety of medicinal mushroom compounds including volatile compounds, polysaccharides, triterpenes, phenolic compounds, and fatty acids.

Our methods evolve in accordance with the newest research on medicinal mushroom extracts.


Each tincture steeps for 4+ weeks, during which they are lovingly shaken every day and perhaps serenaded, spoken to, danced with, or given other kinds of attention. Sometimes the tincture might spend a night, or a few, observing the sky.

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