Hello, I'm Gabriela D'Elia and am currently based in the Wasatch -- arid mountains of much flora, fauna, funga, and of indigenous peoples including the Shoshone, Ute, Goshute, Diné, and Paiute -- a.k.a. Bountiful, Utah.
I have lived for fungi for about 8 years and have began using the framework of Holistic Mycology to share their language, perspective, ecology, wisdom, and medicine.
My two "realms" of practice are Moon Mushrooms and WeRecomposing, though both are different expressions of the same essence.
Moon Mushrooms cultivates tiny batch medicinal mushrooms guided by cosmic connections. I spend time with fungi in their "wild" habitats outside, guide mushroom crawls, teach classes (online and in-person), and craft medicine with my homegrown babies. In every step of the way, from cultivation to packaging and foraging, I am intimately involved and practice earth-accountable stewardship.
For instance I grow mushrooms in reusable glass jars or degradable plastics, source local and untreated substrate (wood shaving "waste" from local woodworkers), and culture wild mushrooms instead of consistently wild harvesting en masse. I am the person, the mediator, engaged in every step of the cultivation process, unlike many cultivators who source grain spawn from other places.
I believe it is important to know where your medicine comes from and how it is made.

WeRecomposing encompasses my astrology practice. I practice tropical (seasonal) astrology, a medicinal language that keeps alive the rhythms of lightness and darkness. I write MycoAstrology and give a variety of astrology readings, including Natal Chart and Intuitive Mushroom Readings.

When it comes to integrating astrology and mycology -- both are medicinal languages that live at the center of regeneration, embodiment, inquiry, and interbeing.

Fungi, animated inhabitants of above and below, have long been by our side, reflecting our capacity for regeneration, inquiry, embodiment, and soul-fullness. Gabriela knows fungi as ancestors and teachers of our own fruiting bodies as well as of our community ecosystems. As recomposers (life-givers) and decomposers (dead-eaters), fungi invite you to embody your own fruiting body and to heal our co-creation with the planet(s). What you sense in the mushroom is also in you.
The fungi are a framework for showing us how to better our stewardship of our connections, both seen and unseen. 
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Gabriela grew up in the snowy mountains and was perhaps outdoors more than indoors (skiing, playing, walking). Observation, intuition, creativity, and connection have long been forefront in her life as well as in her Italian/Balkan/Greek/German heritage.

She studied Environmental Studies (focus in Mycology) and Philosophy at Seattle University. The fungi took her in pretty quickly after moving to the PNW.

Along her path she has also been deeply influenced by the Soto Zen tradition, her musical practice, and astrology. One of her favorite books as a kid was a miniature book on the Zodiac. She remembers putting this book in her pocket and reading it in long car rides. It was in this book that she was introduced to concepts, archetypes, and explanations she didn't really hear about anywhere else.

Though this book has since been lost, she has built an unshakeable reverence for and understanding of the healing powers of astrology. You can learn about her practice, book astrology readings, or stay in touch through the Emailcilium Newsletter.

In the lens of certified studies she has trained with

Radical Mycology’s Fungi Cultivation & Application course (2016)
Reiki Mastership (2020)
Sound Healing Certification with Seattle Sound Temple (2019)
Forest Biodiversity Characterization with UWICE in Bhutan (2015). 

Much of what she values comes from the field, be it in realms seen or unseen.

Thank you for getting to know me, please reach out with any curiosity!

peace, love, & spores


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