Moon Mushrooms was founded by Gabriela D'Elia in 2020, though she was found by the fungi in 2013. Moon Mushrooms is currently based in the Wasatch -- arid mountains of much flora, fauna, funga, and of indigenous peoples including the Shoshone, Ute, Goshute, Diné, and Paiute -- a.k.a. Bountiful, Utah.
Gabriela grew up in these often snowy mountains. The only wild mushroom she spotted as a child was the Meadow Mushroom, or Agaricus campestris, in her grassy and watered front yard. Upon moving to Seattle for college she stumbled into a whole new fungal world that is mysterious, vital, incredibly beautiful, and magical. Now, back in Utah she hopes to strengthen her mycelial nets here.
The vision of Moon Mushrooms is to cultivate an embodied myco-literacy and to provide her community with intentional hand-crafted mushroom tinctures. While Gabriela is interested in biodiversity and fungal ecology, she also finds value in exploring imagination, symbolism, rhythm, and observation, and has been writing MycoAstrology since 2018.
Gabriela is currently the Vice President of the Mushroom Society of Utah, blog editor for FunDiS (Fungal Diversity Survey), a member of the FunDiS Conservation Working Group, and Project Leader for Northern Utah Funga (NUF).

She holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies (focus in Mycology) and minor in Philosophy at Seattle University. 

Relevant Training:

Reiki Mastership (2020)
Sound Healing Certification with Seattle Sound Temple (2019)

Radical Mycology’s Fungi Cultivation & Application course (2016)
Forest Biodiversity Characterization with UWICE in Bhutan (2015). 

Presentations and Events:

Deep Imagination Fungi Crawl , 2020
MycoAstrology; Fruiting Fungus Life Cycle with Mycelium Mysteries, 2020

Spore Prints with Wild Earth Virtual Market, 2020

Interbeing: 4-Week Beginner's Holistic Mycology Course, 2020

Into the Darkness Mushroom Walk, 2019
Mushroom Medicine with Reishi Strauss at Madrona House Apothecary, Seattle, 2019

If you are in the Utah area, consider joining the Mushroom Society of Utah and come out for Northern Utah Funga surveys!

Reach out with any questions or curiosity at gabrielamushroom@gmail.com

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peace, love, & spores

-Gabriela D'Elia

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