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Gabriela D'Elia grew up in the Rocky Mountains and now calls the Catskills, NY home. Gabriela is the Director for Fungal Diversity Survey (FUNDIS), North America’s only nonprofit for fungal biodiversity and conservation. She is also Project Lead for FUNDIS Local Project Northern Utah Funga (NUF), Chair of the Mushroom Society of Utah’s Conservation Committee, founder of Moon Mushrooms (2020), and former Vice President for Mushroom Society of Utah. She holds a B.A. in environmental studies with a focus in fungal ecology. She is inspired by the language of the fungi, helping people help fungi, and by spending quality time with the mushrooms out in the field. What is a world without fungi?

The vision of Moon Mushrooms is to feel fungi as an embodied language. Gabriela finds value in exploring imagination, symbolism, and rhythm through the fungi.
Gabriela in the forests of the Rocky Mountains, Utah, August, 2022.
The first mushrooms that stole Gabriela's heart in Seattle, 2012; Amanita chrysoblema (the native PNW Amanita muscaria).
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