Holistic Mycology

Fungi as ecology, wisdom, medicine, perspective, language, archetype, & ancestor.

The vision of Moon Mushrooms is to cultivate an embodied myco-literacy and to provide communities with intentional, hand-crafted mushroom tinctures. Gabriela, founder of Moon Mushrooms, creates Holistic Mycology education and MycoAstrological tinctures. 

Holistic Mycology sees fungi as animated beings. They have long been by our side as the inhabitants of realms seen and unseen. Gabriela understands that we experience fungi much more than simply with our thinking brains. Our emotional and embodied response of these recomposers (life-givers) and decomposers (dead-eaters) can become a major focus of inquiry.

The language of the fungi can be medicinal for our unique fruiting bodies as well as for our community ecology. What would happen if we connect to the wisdom of the fungi with greater frequency and attention? How do we better steward our connections, both seen and unseen?

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Upcoming Events

Mycelium Mysteries: A Woman's Mushroom Conference

Sept 24 - 26, 2021 in Dodgeville, Wisconsin

(The Very First) Utah Fungi Festival

May 13 - 15, 2022 in Salt Lake City, Utah



Interbeing, April 2021:
an online beginner's holistic mycology course.

Fungi and humans split from our universal ancestor about 1.5 million years ago. Somewhere along the way, humans began ingesting fungi -- perhaps for ~18,700 years, perhaps for longer -- in diverse ways and for a variety of purposes.

Moon Mushrooms triple extract tinctures are created in tiny, handcrafted batches, and carry mushroom medicine as well as vibrational essences infused by seasonal or planetary influences. Moon Mushrooms tinctures are created to invite you to be here, present in your body, and to become aware of the dimension of being that is deeper than surface reality.

MycoAstrological tinctures grew out of our practice of planetary and natural observation.

Learn about medicinal mushroom constituents here.

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