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Holistic Mycology: funga as wisdom, ecology, medicine, teacher, science, perspective, language, archetype, ancestor, & mythology.

Humans and mushrooms go back at least 18,700 years, and probably longer via our genetic history.

Moon Mushrooms makes handmade, tiny batch, triple extract tinctures using mushroom fruitbodies, never myceliated grain.

MycoAstrological tinctures grew out of our natural practice of integrated planetary and natural observation. These tinctures are infused with celestial essences and made using our sustainably homegrown mushrooms. 



Through holistic mycology education, we increase fungal awareness, understanding, and connection. Learn with us virtually or on Mushroom Crawls.


The WeRecomposing Podcast speaks to cosmic ecology -- weaving the medicinal languages of astrology and mycology. 


Moon Mushrooms cultivates tiny batch, homegrown, sustainable, and celestially guided medicinal mushrooms. We believe it is important to know where your medicine comes from.


Join our Emailcilium Newsletter for MycoAstrology updates. Gabriela's astro offerings vary from classic natal chart readings to intuitive mushroom readings.


Are you looking for a comprehensive, accessible, and holistic mycology course designed for beginners? This 4-week online course meets for class once a week and is punctuated by two Discussions/MycoLunar observances.


Moon Mushrooms 
Homegrown tiny batch mushrooms, MycoAstrological tinctures, medicine, and holistic mycology education. 


MycoAstrology, Astrology Readings, and cosmic ecology. 

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