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A 4-week online beginner's holistic mycology course. April 04 - April 25, 2021

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Holistic Mycology: Fungi as ecology, wisdom, medicine, perspective, language, archetype, & ancestor.

Holistic mycology understands fungi as animate beings and engages the whole body with the wisdom of the fungi: sensing them rather than solely thinking them.



Interbeing, April 2021:
an online beginner's holistic mycology course.

Fungi split from our universal ancestor about 1.5 million years ago. Humans have been ingesting mushrooms in diverse ways for at least 18,700 years, and for a variety of purposes.

Moon Mushrooms makes handmade, tiny batch, triple extract tinctures using homegrown mushroom fruitbodies, never myceliated grain.

MycoAstrological Tinctures
MycoAstrological tinctures grew out of our practice of planetary and natural observation. On top of using our own sustainably homegrown mushrooms, these unique tinctures are infused with celestial essences.

Learn about medicinal mushroom constituents here.

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